A disused barn, formerly dedicated to the production of wine and oil, has been converted into the studio, a space open to the public where each piece of pottery is made with local clay. The flora and fauna from our origins, the Galician coast and the Tuscan inlands, are the main sources of inspiration for its decoration.
Some pieces are made of stoneware and others of strong earthenware “terraglia forte” (a clay with a structure halfway between earthenware and stoneware).
Each piece of pottery is thrown on the wheel or made with slabs of clay and decorated by hand with engobes. I use engobes as a sort of watercolours over the biscuit ware.

MOCA-CERT. Neomys ceramics are food save. The glazes used are lead and cadmium-free and every piece of pottery is “MOCA” certified (Materials and objects in contact with food) according to European Regulation (ER) n. 1935/2004 and D.M. 03/21/1973 and its subsequent additions and modifications.

You are always welcome to visit my studio but please contact me in advance.