My name is Marta, a ceramist by vocation with an academic background in marine biology. In the past I’ve worked as a cartoonist and later as a biologist in the artisanal fishing sector. During that period I signed up for a ceramics course at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios… and that’s how everything started. Pottery became a passion from the first moment I placed a piece of clay on the wheel… and I thought: “This is what I want to do in my life!”

In February 2015, I moved to Tuscany with my partner and our 3 dogs – Terra, Nala and Corso – to open a bed & breakfast with cooking classes and a pottery studio, and we have been here ever since. My studio is located at Selvabella in Chianti, a b&b for nature, pottery and food lovers. A few years later, Minnie and Pandora joined our family.

Neomys, derived from the scientific name Neomys fodiens (Eurasian water Shrew), is my pen-name. It was the first animal that I painted in detail on a ceramic piece and ended up giving its name to this project.

Hope you like it. Have a wonderful clay!